Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moving on - changing direction.

I have decided, I think, that I am not using this blog the way I originally intended. Letting you know about the grocery deals is all fine, but I would rather talk about my family. I'm not sure anyone is really looking at my grocery postings anyway. If any of you really need help with your grocery decisions, call me. I will still leave the links. Southern Saver is my favorite for the drug stores. Coupon Clippers has all the deals for the grocery stores.

Now, about my family...

I just love my kids. They are so awesome. Bret and Britt are doing great. Britt is working her hiney off to finish school in April. I know it must be very hard trying to finish school with good grades and feeling all yucky all the time. She is such a good example to my son. His turn is next. I know she will crack the whip and make him do good in school.

Roo gets to come home on Friday. She is just visiting for the weekend. Poor girl. She wanted to come home last weekend and, in fact, was on her way when her car broke down in Rexburg. She was so sad. Her friend Jordan is getting ready to leave for two years on a mission for our church and she wanted to see him before he left. I know it was tough for her to not be able to do that. She won't be able to see Jordan, but a visit home is always a good pick-me-up.

Allie is doing great. She is working hard in practices for the volleyball team she is playing on. She comes home with nasty bruises all the time. Allie doesn't do anything half way. She is not getting as much playing time as we had hoped, but we hope it will pay off. She is a 17 year old on a 18 year old "open" team. That means she is playing and practicing with the best in the nation. Allie isn't all volleyball though. She works hard in school too and tries her very best to annoy Baily as much as possible. She succeeds most of the time.

Now Baily. She makes me laugh. I have been listening to her and her friend Darby all day long singing - horribly I might add - at the top of their lungs. The sad thing is that Baily really can sing. I don't know about Darby; I have never heard her sing seriously. Baily and Darby can entertain themselves all day long doing absolutely nothing. They are hilarious.

Baily is almost done with driver's education. She is a good little driver.

Donna is finally using her treadmill. No, not the Pro Form. Joe's was about as nice as they could be and I finally ended up with a better treadmill. I've been working out for a week. It feels so good. I am reading the 4th book of the Twilight series while I work out. Whoa! This one is weird. I am not sure I shouldn't have stopped at volume 3. I can't quit now, though. I have to read what happens.

All in all, life is good and I am very blessed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Deals

Fred Meyer:
Lean or Hot Pockets 4/$5 SC limit 8
Country Oven Bread or FM Preserves 3/$4 SC
FM Instant Oatmeal 10/$10 SC
Hershey standard Candy Bars 3/$1 SC limit 6
Chef Boyardee canned pasta .88 use $1/5 mfc = .68 ea
Speed Stick Deodorant .99 w/in store mfc. (take the FM in store coupon and the .75/2 mfc to Albertsons and pay only .62 each)
Softsoap body wash 1.99 use .75 mfc = 1.24

Walgreens and Rite Aid - Please see Southern Saver - she rocks!

Mix and match 25 10/$10 Hunts items and receive $10 off your next shopping trip.
Albertson Brand Cheeses BOGOF including parmesean, cream, string, slices, brick, shredded, jar (pay for above first then us $10 on this purchase) You can freeze cheese.
Albertson Brand canned vegetables. 20/$10

All these are store coupons -
Hilshire Farms deli meats 3/$8
Hormel Marinated pork tenderloins $4.99 ea
Mission tortilla chips .99
Safeway TP or paper towels $4.99
BC Fruit Snacks 4/$6 use .50/2 mfc = 1.25 ea

Trading Co.:
Fresh Strawberries 1 lb. $1.88 ea limit 2
Bananas .44 lb.
Jumbo yellow onions .33 lb.
Zesta saltine crackers .99 ea limit 2
WF White or Wheat Bread .66
WF Frozen Apple or Orange juice .98 ea limit 3

Yokes Fresh Friday:
Big Buy Bacon $1.39 ea
Oranges .33 lb.
Freash Broccoli .78 lb.
Split Fryer Breasts $1.09 lb.
Hothouse tomatoes .88 lb.
Apples .68 lb.

Harvest Foods on Trent:
WF bread .68 ea first 3
Sugar 4lb. $1.57 first 2
Flav R Pac canned vegetables .59 ea first 5

Winco Foods - up north, but we will be getting one in the valley.
Store Coupons through Sunday 2/15
Asst. Coca Cola products $1.88 /12 pk
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes .98 limit 2
Capri Sun .98 limit 2
Green Giant canned vegetables .28 ea limit 4
Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce .58 limit 3
Chicken Breasts frozen boneless skinless 3 lbs. for $3.98 limit 1
Bar S Bacon .98 limit 2
Kraft Mac N. Cheese .38 limit 3
Northern TP 12 pk double rolls $2.98 limit 1
These items are not coupons:
Fresh Chicken Breast .98 lb.
Bananas .18 lb.
10 lb. Potatoes .78 ea
Hormel Pork Spareribs .98 lb.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekly Deals

Sorry I have been a little slow. Last week was busy.

In the Sunday paper there was a Safeway ad.
2 pound Tillamook for $4.99 is a good deal. Thru 2/8

Fred Meyer Store Coupons:
Ocean Spray 64 oz juice 3/$5
Hershey Valentine Candy $2.99
Klondike Bars or Bryers Ice Cream 2/$5
18 ct. Eggs or English muffins BOGOF
Kroger Ibuprofin BOGOF

*if you don't get the Sunday paper - these ads are always available right inside the entrance to the store.

Trading Co.
Pork Shoulder Roast $1.27 lb.
Manwich sauce $1 minus .50/2 mfc = .75 ea

Flav R Pac canned vegetables .39 ea

Safeway regular ad
10# Potatoes $1.48
Country style pork ribs $1.25 lb.
All of these are $1 ea - mini carrots, store brand wheat bread, 8ct pop tarts, rice a roni, basic lunchables, kelloggs fruit snacks ($1/2 mfc) and fritos or cheetos 10 oz.

Milk $1.68 limit 2
Oranges .38 lb.
Manwich sauce $1

Albertsons didn't have anything that stood out to me except 4 double coupon coupons valued up to $1 on the front of their ad.

As always, see the Southern Saver page (at right) for all the deals at Walgreens and Rite Aid. Walgreens has some good freebies this month.

Monday, February 2, 2009


If you read Ray's blog then you know that Baily started drivers ed. She had a half day on Thursday because of finals so we went to get her permit. I figured that it would take a while so we brought books to read while waiting in line. We walked right in. Sweet! She got her permit and we walked out. I tossed her the keys and said get in. She was a bit nervous and wasn't sure she wanted to drive just yet, but I talked her into it. She managed to back up a suburban without hitting anything in the parking lot. We pulled out onto Sprague taking a right. She was a little jerky and hit the brakes too fast, but was doing alright.

I looked up and saw a police car right behind us. Oh boy was she nervous now. I told her to take a right at the light - Pines Road - and she did. A few seconds later, whooop and flashing lights. She said "mommy what do I do?" There was a side street nearby so I told her to turn there and pull over and stop. The officer got out and walked up. It was John, Ray's cousin. After telling him that the only driving Baily had ever done before was backing the car out of the garage into the driveway, he started to howl. The ink didn't even have time to dry on her permit. He told Baily that she had just made his day and that he thought he actually might tear up. We all laughed and he let us go. Baily did great.

The end of the story.

Today I went and ordered a new treadmill from a different company. I said I would not release the name of the one I have had trouble with unless they did not fix the problems. Well, they didn't. The Pro Form 8.5 which is serviced by Icon Fitness in Logan, Utah is the worst piece of equipment I have ever had the displeasure of owning.

After putting in the second circuit board that they sent me -- which took another week -- and it didn't work, I called Icon Fitness - AGAIN. After holding forever -- this should have given me a clue; their service line is always busy -- I finally talked to a human who tells me that they can send out a technician. He proceeds to give me the phone number to call him myself because it will take two more days if I ask them (Icon) to actually do their job and set up the appointment. The guy at Berube Fitness Service in Spokane was the nicest man. He checked everything out on the machine and determined that the second circuit board they sent me was indeed broken. So, back on the phone with Icon. I told them that I would like them to send me a new circuit board by overnight delivery this time. They refused. They said it wasn't in the warranty to send parts overnight. Can you believe them. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The woman I was speaking to said that she could have one call back in the next 24 hours. I told her to forget it. I said I would find every consumer report website that I could and report my experience there. She managed to have a supervisor call me right back. He confirmed what she had said and he refused to send the part overnight. It has now been 38 days since I bought the lovely piece of equipment, which has not worked at all, and they cannot spend roughly $20 to send me a working part. Customer satisfaction is not priority at this company. I had finally had it. I thanked him for his time and I am finally moving on from this.

Joe's Sports has been great through all of this. It is not their fault that the Pro Form treadmill is a piece of doo doo. They have traded me straight across for a different treadmill from a different company. I hope to be jogging soon. :P