Sunday, June 14, 2009

Once a month is the best I can do.

Keeping up with blogging is a lot of work when you have so much going on. I am terrible at writing letters to people. I don't call my parents often enough and I almost never write in a journal. What in the world made me think I could keep up with a blog!?

I have been quite busy as the secretary for the Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association; a job I thought would be a piece of cake. HA! I cannot believe how may people complain about who their daughter is playing with rather than just being happy that they get to play at all. I get all the phone messages - which I don't reply to per the instructions of the Board - and all the emails for the league. I am certainly not the only one on the Board who is busy, but I had not idea I would be this busy. The games start tomorrow, so I hope that all the complaining has stopped and we can just get on with letting the girls play ball.

Baily will be working hard this summer. She is still going to be doing the singing thing, but will also be playing softball two to three times a week, plus doing all the prep work on the softball fields. Quite a nice job for a young girl to earn some good money. She is a good worker and will earn every penny of it.

I am so proud of Allie. She is going to work too. Not something that comes easily to her. LOL She will be an umpire for the 10U level of players. They play with pitching machines so all she has to do is count pitches and watch for plays at the bases. She is excited about earning some money. She will also help me out in the snack shack for a little more of the green stuff.

Bret and Britt are counting down the days until Olivia arrives. Brit is doing a great job setting up house and getting ready for Olivia's arrival. Bret is working some construction jobs and is going to umpire this summer in the softball league. Before he knows it it will be time for him to start school in the fall. He is enrolled in the law enforcement program at SCC.

Roo is staying her usual busy self down in Utah. I haven't heard from her much lately, which means she is busy. Allie is going to visit her soon and they are both looking forward to it.

Ray and I are so blessed to have such wonderful children. We got the cream of of the crop!