Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yeah April!

It is so nice to look outside and see sun. I just hope it stays.

Allie had an MRI done on her knee last week. I was expecting to hear that she had a little more damage to her LCL than we thought, but I did not anticipate the news we got. The damage to her knee is much more extensive than we thought. After reading all the gibberish of medical terms, the bottom line is that she has a tear in her ACL, some damage to her meniscus, bruising to her bones and possible fractures (one or two - we are not sure yet) to her tibia. We don't know the extent of the tear to her ACL as we have not seen the doctor yet. Hopefully we can get in tomorrow. She will most likely have at least a scope done, hopefully not full blown surgery. I will update when we know.

Baily and her soccer team played a great game on Saturday. They played with 10 girls so they had no rest the entire game. They still won 4 to 2. Baily has a great battle scar on her thigh. She was hit by a ball going so fast that it left and imprint on her leg. I will post the picture we took. I feel so bad for the girls her age that don't want to travel all the way to Seattle all the time to play premier soccer. There are not enough girls left here in Spokane to have very good games. I am proud of Baily though for not playing premier ball. All the games are on Sundays and she knows that is not something she wants to do. It is really hard on her because she loves soccer so much.

I get to see my big kids in just a couple of weeks. Ray and I are driving to Utah to go to Britt's graduation and move her and Bret back to Spokane. I really, really hate that drive to Utah, but it will be worth it to see Ryleigh, Bret and Britt.

I'm not sure I should post this, but she has it on her facebook so I'm going to. Ryleigh got a mini-hamster. She went to see the movie Bolt with some friends and then decided that she needed to get a hamster (with a friend - they went in together). She has told me how she takes it to the store with her in it's little ball and let's it run down the ice cream isle. She is such a goofball. She is having fun though.

I am in the middle of prom dress season and currently have three dresses to make. I am almost finished with Allie's. Not sure if she is going yet, but we will be ready if she gets asked. If not, she will have a dress for homecoming in the fall.

Ray is happy to finally be getting to ride bikes outside.